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Salmon Fishing


Salmon fishing on the Cowlitz River is very productive and known for its quantity of bright, chrome salmon runs. The salmon are found through-out most of the Cowlitz River, with them ending up at the Barrier Dam Salmon Hatchery, where they are then counted and separated.

Fifty to Seventy percent of our Silvers/Coho salmon are transported from the Salmon Hatchery to Lake Scannawa, which is another one of the other bodies of waters that I like to fish. These Salmon stay bright and beautiful and full of spunk which makes this a great fishery.

I book fishing trips to Lake Scannawa between mid October to late November.

Spring Run Chinook-Salmon

March - May

Our Spring Run Chinook on the Cowlitz River are husky and full of fight just like the Fall Run Kings. They range between 15lbs to 30lbs and run in deeper currents and seams. These are hatchery fish and can be caught through out the Cowlitz River. I also fish for Chinook salmon on the Lewis River and Chehalis rivers, fishing with the same type of equipment and tackle. 

Equipment and tackle for Spring-run Salmon fishing

I use 8-2 Lamiglas, Classic Glass rods, with Ambassador bait casting reels, 20lb. test Izorline. They are fished out of the rod holder with wrapped kwick fish plugs or diver and globs of eggs.

Fall-Run Chinook/Silvers Coho Salmon

September - November

The Fall Run Chinook are our flat out big fish and fill the Cowlitz River. Chinook usually run 20lbs. to the upper 40lbs. Fall-run Salmon are fished out of the rod holder while back trolling slowly through the Cowlitz Rivers deepest holes and are found all the way from the Barrier Dam to the mouth of the Cowlitz. Silvers/Coho Salmon are bright, chrome fish and range from 6lbs - 18lbs and are fished with about the same techniques.

Equipment and tackle for Fall-run Chinook Salmon fishing

 I use 8-2Lamiglas, Classic Glass rods and Okuma rods, with Ambassador and Okuma Citrix bait casting reels, 20lb. test Izorline. Using this set-up makes for one fun, tough, fight! I like to use Brad's Divers, or Jet Divers and globs of eggs or wrapped Kwickfish and Plugs.

Equipment and tackle for Fall-run Silvers/Coho Salmon fishing
 I use FC76U8-Lamiglas ultra light noodle rods, with Flueger and 5601 C-4's Abu Garcia bait casting reels and while pulling certain selections of plugs and I also use divers and small egg clusters.