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Fishing The Cowlitz River

Sport fishing is exceptional and the Cowlitz River consistently ranks as the states top ten Steelhead fishing and Salmon fishing locations. Draining the slopes of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens and eventually empting into the Columbia River, the Cowlitz has a 2,480 Sq. ft. drainage basin. The Cowlitz River is roughly 105 mi. in length and holding three major Hydroelectric Dams; Dry Falls Dam, Riffe Dam and Mayfield Dam. The Cowlitz River also two fish hatcheries six miles apart, the Barrier Dam Salmon Hatchery, which produces Salmon and the Blue Creek Trout Hatchery, which produces Steelhead.

The pristine Cowlitz River, a year-round fishery has some of the most beautiful scenic country side and summertime enjoyments on and around the river that you could ever want to do. Fishing the Cowlitz River is sure to be one of your most memorable, awesome fishing trips, for catching Salmon and Steelhead.

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"It's stunning sometimes as a guide how I can look over at a client that has never caught or hooked into a big, bright, chrome fish, like a Summer or Winter Run Steelhead, Spring or Fall Run Chinook and or Silvers Coho-Salmon, and watch them running around the boat trying to do what ever they can do to keep up with this beautiful fish that just won't give up. Then, once the fish is in the net, to see that client shaking, pulses racing, and a grin from ear to ear, has to be one of the best feelings in the world, to me. I love watching people catch fish, children especially, and the Cowlitz River has got to be one of the best days spent."